We are one of the companies in Sharjah having luxury buses in Sharjah. We have permits to work between Sharjah and Dubai and also for RAK. If you are looking for 30 seater , 35 seater, 40 seater , 45 seater or 50 seater luxury buses with good rates. For more info and  inquiries kindly go through the inquiry guidelines to avoid any misunderstanding and delay. For proper booking kindly contact our office on 055 888 2009   24x7 or by phone, sms, Whatsapp or email. Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport is keen to provide you the best services with the best rates.
Luxury Bus (Capacity)
(30 Basic Seats + 6/9  Additional Seats +  1 Driver Seat)
37 Seats and  42 Seats  (Air-conditioned)  
(50 Basic Seats + 2  Additional Seats +  1 Driver Seat) 
50 Seats and  53 Seats  (Air-conditioned)    
Features :
Fully Air-conditioned, Radio, Cassette, Mic, Spacious, Fire extinguisher, First Aid Box,  Comfortable, emergency exit & Full insurance.
CAPACITY : 35 Seats, 39 seats, 43 seats and 50 seater Air-conditioned
Areas Of Working :
Hotel Staff Transportation, Bank Staff transportation, School staff transportation, University Staff Transportation, Office Staff Transportation.
Students Transportation, Events and excursion tours, sightseeing tours, VIP Tours.
Rates : From AED 15,000/ Month  upto AED 30,000 Per month or even more depends on work. Kindly do read our guidelines for hiring a bus.  If you would like to know more about updates rates please visit our Bus Rental Rates page.
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